IT Consulting 服务

亚伯的解决方案 IT 管理

IT Consulting 服务

Built upon its 52+ years performing engineering, 测试, and inspection 服务, ATS understands the criticality of meeting industry standards and compliance requirements. Regardless of industry, ALL companies are technology companies because of the reliance upon technology and Information Technology (IT) resources. We know that while IT is a critical aspect of running your business, it is likely not your company’s core product or service.

For this reason, in 2015, ATS acquired 亚伯的解决方案, an IT consulting company that understands the importance of technology in your business as well as the intersection of IT and compliance. The 亚伯的解决方案 team has the expertise and tools to deliver a portfolio of 服务, including 技术战略, collaboration enablement with custom portals, intelligent automation, business application development/implementation, and managed cloud and IT 服务.

IT服务管理: Based on industry best practices and our decades of experience, our approach to IT服务管理 goes beyond monitoring and break-fix support. Our methodology incorporates activities covering Onboarding, 支持, 管理, 管理, 和策略.

Our IT服务管理 include: 电子邮件加密 | 服务器监控 | Cloud Backup Solutions | Enterprise 云安全

Defend, protect, and secure your data with 亚伯的解决方案’ IT服务管理.

Portals and Collaboration: Reaching your business goals hinges on your company’s ability to act as a team. With an effective collaboration platform, employees can simultaneously work together on shared documents, easily access information to expedite tasks, 主机在线会议, streamline communication, find innovative ways to serve customers, 和更多的.

我们的门户网站 & Collaboration 服务 include: 云迁移 | 内联网解决方案 | Extranet and Client/Customer Portals | Document 管理 Systems | 协作系统

Empower your workforce with 亚伯的解决方案’ portals and collaboration 支持服务.

Intelligent Automation: Businesses face pressure from every angle to become more productive and efficient. But resources are often limited, and the hours in the day are finite. Manual processes and paper-heavy workflows create inefficiency. Optimize your operations to accelerate your business’s responsiveness, improve service levels, and reduce costs with intelligent business processes automation. Coordinate people and assets to efficiently respond to issues in real-time—and even preemptively solve them.

Our Intelligent Automation 服务 include: 工作流自动化 | Business Process Mapping | Business Process Optimization

Make work easier and streamline processes with 亚伯的解决方案’ intelligent automation 服务.

Business Applications: As organizations work to transform their businesses by connecting the dots between customer feedback and competitive strategy, the demand for line-of-业务应用程序 grows. From Quality 管理 Systems (QMS) to Contract 管理 Systems to Field Service Apps, modernizing business operations with powerful IT applications creates competitive advantage.

Our Business Applications 服务 include: Business Software Solution | Development/Implementation | 系统集成 | Mobile App Development | Digital Signature Software

Implement purpose-driven line-of-业务应用程序 to accelerate your business.

技术战略: In today’s competitive marketplace, an organization’s differentiation comes not only from the ability to see market shifts but through the ability to set themselves apart by carrying out the necessary strategic response as quickly as possible.

Our IT Strategy 服务 include: 技术咨询 | 云解决方案 | 云安全 | 云计算策略 | 云计算实现 | 技术路线图

Create your roadmap to modernization with 亚伯的解决方案’ 技术战略 服务.